Citizens on Patrol

Citizens on Patrol Program


The basis of forming a volunteer program is a fundamental of the Community Policing Philosophy, to create partnerships and build bridges within the community. A partnership is developed between the Itasca Police Department and the citizens who take part in this program. The citizens are taking a role as stakeholders in their community. Law enforcement agencies today cannot provide all of the services communities need or want. As a result there has been a move to collaborate with the community to identify problems and find solutions for them.

Law enforcement agencies are not the only ones with a duty to police communities. Engaging citizen volunteers to work within their communities helps improve the safety and quality of life desired by everyone.

The Citizen’s on Patrol Volunteers assist the police department by directing traffic, completing vacation watches, completing crime prevention cards, assisting with lock out to motor vehicle, and patrolling the Village.  In order to participate in the Citizen’s on Patrol Program you must attend a Citizen Police Academy.  After completing the academy the volunteer must attend additional training sessions to include how to: unlock motor vehicles, complete vacation watches, crime prevention cards, and direct traffic.  After attending the training sessions the Volunteer will then enter the “Field Training Program”.  The Field Training Program is designed for the Volunteer to demonstrate on a consistent basis the skills needed to complete the tasks of unlocking vehicles, vacation watches, crime prevention cards, and directing traffic in addition to communicating on the radio.  After the Field Training Program is completed the Volunteer is granted solo patrol status to participate in the Citizen on Patrol Program and may begin to patrol the Village of Itasca.

If you are interested in participating in this program please contact Sergeant James Duda at 630-773-1004.