Metra Parking

A train approaching a metra lot
Daily Parking Locations
Daily Parking Lot Locations ($1.50 per day):
  • Irving Park Road Lot - 309 West Irving Park Road (South of railroad tracks on the North side of Irving Park Road just West of the Metra train station)
  • Maple Street Lot - South of Irving Park Road on the West side of Maple Street
  • Schiller Street Lot - North of Irving Park Road and East of the Metra Station (located directly East of Tree Guys Pizza Pub located at 101 East Irving Park Road).
Patrons of the daily parking lots(s) park by a numbered sign and deposit $1.50 in currency and/or coins in one of the 2 collection boxes located on the Metra train platform.

Quarterly Permit Parking Lot Location & Fees

The Municipal Permit Parking Lot is located just North of the Itasca School District Administration building located at 200 North Maple Street (Northwest corner of Maple and Orchards Streets). Quarterly Permit Parking Fees are as follows:
  • $50 per quarter for “incorporated” Itasca residents (proof of residency will be required)
  • $75 per quarter for non-resident or “unincorporated” Itasca residents
Permit Parking Passes are available at the Village Hall. There is a limited number of passes. For more information, please call 630-773-0835.