Property Taxes


The Village of Itasca provides a range of services to its residents and business community. These services include, but are not limited to; police protection, street and highway maintenance, health and social services, refuse removal, public improvements, planning and zoning, engineering and inspection, water and sewer utility service and general administrative services. To pay for all this, the Village obtains revenues from a number of sources, including property taxes. The 2015 property tax levy accounted for 15.3% of the Village’s total revenues expected for 2016. Sales tax, non-home rule sales tax, utility taxes, service charges, licenses, fees, state income and motor fuel taxes, and several other revenues sources make up the balance. The Village uses the money it receives from property taxes for three basic purposes: police protection, public safety pensions and debt service on public improvements. The owner of a residential property in Itasca having an equalized assessed value of $91,100 (approximate market value of $415,000) will pay the Village about $463 in property taxes as a result of the final 2015 levy (payable in 2016). Of this amount, $188 is for police protection, $125 is for funding public safety police pension, and $150 is for debt service on bonds issued for public improvements. This estimate assumes only the standard homeowner exemption when determining taxable value. Homeowners may also be eligible for the senior citizen exemption, senior freeze or other property tax exemption offered by the DuPage County Assessor’s Office. These programs work to provide further relief towards the annual tax bill.

Other Taxing Districts – Within and including the Village of Itasca, there are 21 separate and independent taxing districts. They include the DuPage County governments, Itasca Public Library, Itasca Fire Protection District, five (5) public school districts, three (3) park districts, and three (3) other tax districts, plus Addison and Bloomingdale townships. With the exception of the Village and the Public Library, the taxing districts in Itasca do not share common boundaries. As such, not all of the 18 tax levies appear on every tax bill for an Itasca resident or business. Typically, there are 12 or 13 districts on each individual tax bill.

Village’s Share – The pie chart located in this section shows the breakdown of property taxes for the Village of Itasca in Addison Township from the 2015 tax bill (payable in 2016). The Village is to receive $2.8 million or 6.18% of the total. The percentages vary depending on the area of the Village and the taxing districts included.

For more information please visit your tax assessor's office or DuPage County. 

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