Municipal Code

Ordinances are official legislative actions, and are regulations of a general and permanent nature. The Municipal Code, or Code of Ordinances, is a compilation of these laws. All changes to the code are discussed and approved by the Village Board in an open meeting setting. To view upcoming meetings, please visit the Village’s Agenda Center

You may view the Municipal Code online or in person at Village Hall, during normal business hours. Please note, both versions of the code are only updated once a year, typically in late Spring. When viewing the code, please be aware that it may not reflect all of, or the most current, legislation that has been passed by the Village Board. Please consult with the Clerk’s Office in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded, or repealed. 

Approved Ordinances

To view or obtain signed copies of board approved Ordinances, please click here

Ordinances Awaiting Codification

Ordinances that have been approved but not yet been incorporated into the code, can be found below. Once a ordinance has been codified, it will no longer appear in this section. 

Ordinance NumberDate PassedDescriptionWill be Codified in Supplement
An Ordinance Approving Variances to Allow a Dynamic Sign at 308 West Irving Park Road (Itasca Bank and Trust)
An Ordinance Adopting the Village of Itasca 2020 Official Zoning Map
1936-203/17/20An Ordinance Establishing Temporary Executive Powers to the Mayor Due to COVID-19S-17
An Ordinance Amending Ch. 54.06 to Increase Penalty for Shut Off Notices
An Ordinance Authorizing Renewal of Aggregation Program for Electrical Load
Appropriation Ordinance for the Current Fiscal Year Beginning on the First Day on May, 2020 and Ending on the Thirtieth Day of April, 2021
An Ordinance Approving Sign Variances at 500 Park Blvd
An Ordinance Granting Special Use for Outdoor Storage at 1431 Harmony
An Ordinance Approving Dynamic Sign Variation II at 308 West Irving Park (Itasca Bank Trust)
1943-208/4/20An Ordinance Decreasing the Number of Class B-1 Liquor Licenses from Five to ThreeS-17
1944-208/4/20An Ordinance Regulating the Hours of Operation of Retail Sales Businesses in the Downtown Business DistrictS-17
An Ordinance Amending the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Dynamic Sign RegulationsS-17
1946-209/15/20An Ordinance Approving a Planned Development by Special Use with Exceptions, Class 1 Site Plan Review, and Approval of Final Plat (BSTP Midwest, LLC)S-17
An Ordinance Approving a Preliminary and Final Plat of Subdivision for 870 & 900 N. Arlington Heights Road (Quadrangle Development)S-17
An Ordinance Approving Variances at 1133 N. Prospect Ave (Kiddie Academy)S-17
An Ordinance Approving Variances at 340 Home AveS-17
An Ordinance Approving Variances at 503 E. Center Avenue for 2nd Driveway and GarageS-17
An Ordinance Approving Variances for Fence Height Set Back at 444 S. Bonnie Brae AvenueS-17
An Ordinance Approving a Variance for Fence Height at 460 S. Princeton AvenueS-17
1953-2010/20/20An Ordinance Approving Variances at 435 S. Oak StreetS-17
1954-2010/20/20An Ordinance Approving Variances at 324 S. Maple StreetS-17
10/20/20An Ordinance Amending the Compensation of the Village ClerkS-17
1956-2010/27/20An Ordinance Amending § 30.110(L) of the Village Municipal Code (Amending the Village Administrator Spending Authority)S-17