2021 Cured-In Place Pipelining

Project Name: 2021 Cured-In Place Pipelining Program

Project Start: September 13, 2021

Project Completion: December 31, 2021

Bid Price: $204,836 (subject to vary)

Project Summary

The annual cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP) program is one part of the Village’s effort to maintain longevity of the sanitary collection system. Each year the Villages televises approximately 5-6 miles of sanitary sewer main. While viewing the condition of the pipe with a remote-controlled camera, crews perform a condition assessment. The conditions are then added to our pipe library that houses all the condition assessments from prior years. During the design of the annual program the Village works with engineering staff to address the most critical pipes in our system based on a risk of failure. 

This Year we have hired Michels Pipe Service to install nearly 3,400 feet of CIPP. Click here to access the map that highlights the locations. 

To perform the televising and or lining, crews must pre-clean the pipes using a water jetting equipment that can cause splashing in drains and toilets that have service lines tied into the main. While both Village crews and contractors do their best not to impact service lines, this is often unavoidable causing water in toilets or drain traps to splash out. The debris seen after the splashing occurs was in the trap of the drain or toilet and not from the service line or main.