Water Meter and AMI Project

Project Name: Water Meter and AMI Project

Project Start: May 1, 2023 (estimated)

Bid Price: $1,447,731

Contractor: Core and Main

Project Summary

The Water Meter and AMI Project consists of replacing approximately 2,800 residential water meters and installation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

In Spring of 2023, residents will be contacted by our vendor to schedule their water meter replacement. All replacements will be performed by certified plumber provide by United Meter Inc. ( a subcontractor to Core and Main). With the meter installation a small grey box or Smart Point, will be installed on the exterior of the home and likely located near the current touchpad. The Smart Point will communicate multiple times a day with our AMI system providing the Village with usage information.

The AMI system includes a base station that receives the data from all of the Smart Points in the Village and then sends to secured servers. Meter Readers will no longer be needed, and billing cycles will become more reliable since all the reads will be taken at the same time. Once the data is uploaded to the servers, the data can be downloaded for billing purposes or troubleshooting issues.  

The AMI system will allow the Village a high-resolution look, with dates and times of consumption, to better prepared customer service staff in answering usage questions. The AMI system comes with a variety of data analytic tools which can assist the Village in reducing our water loss and notifying the Village of potential leaks in customers’ homes before they receive a high-water bill.

AMI Water Meter