Outdoor Warning System

The Village of Itasca, in conjunction with the Itasca Fire Protection District, installed an outdoor warning system in various locations within the village. The purpose of an outdoor warning system is to notify citizens of a weather emergency or the approach of severe weather.

Warning System Overview

The warning system consists of 3 uni-directional, 360 degree rotating high power sirens capable of producing warning signals over a large area. The siren produces a signal tone with a certified strength of 128 decibels at 100 feet. The sirens are attached to a 55 foot pole. In order to provide adequate coverage to all areas of the village and fire protection district the following locations were selected:
  • The Village of Itasca water tower located at Ardmore and District Drive
  • The Village of Itasca water tower located on Prospect Avenue north of Thorndale Avenue.
  • The south end of Lombard Road.
The benefit of the outdoor warning system is providing residents the opportunity to receive notice of the approach of severe weather when they are outdoors and away from more traditional means, such as radio and television.

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