Posted on: June 9, 2017

Residue on Cars

Itasca residents and visitors might notice a strange residue on their car windshields and frames. The substance is called honeydew and is caused by the Lecanium Scale Insect. Honeydew is is not harmful. The residue is not caused by jet fuel from planes.

Honeydew is a sap residue secreted by the insect after they ingest tree leaves and sap. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources confirmed the presence of Lecanium Scale in the Village.  
Lecanium Scale and other scale insects are always present, but due to a long wet spring immediately followed by a hot dry summer the scale (and the residue!) has been more noticeable this year. The dry weather has also caused the substance to become airborne and travel greater distances from the trees it originated from

You may notice the substance is sometimes grainy and discolored—This is because sometimes mold grows on the honeydew, which gives it a sooty appearance. Additionally, dust and other airborne particles will become stuck to the honeydew and contribute to the grainy texture and coloration.

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