What is Haymarket requesting?

Haymarket is requesting approval for a planned development by special use with exceptions and Class I approval of a Site Plan in order to permit a mixed-use residential and healthcare facility and other accessory uses in the B-2 Community Business District at 860 W. Irving Park Road. If approved, the former Holiday Inn – Itasca property would become a site for Haymarket Center DuPage. Haymarket has launched a website dedicated to Haymarket Center DuPage at www.haymarketdupage.com.

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1. What is Haymarket requesting?
2. How long is a Plan Commission Public Hearing?
3. Why was there such a long break between meetings?
4. Will the public hearing be conducted differently because of COVID?
5. Can I still attend the meeting in person?
6. At the meeting in Dec. 2019, Dr. Lustig and Mr. Baldwin were answering questions from the public. Due to time restrictions, I was unable to ask my question. Can I still ask these witnesses a question?
7. Will the public have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments on the case?
8. What is an “Interested Party” and how do I become one?
9. Have future public hearing dates been set?
10. Is the Plan Commission’s decision final?
11. Can I just wait to testify at the Village Board meeting?
12. How can I watch the meeting?
13. What if I have technical difficulties viewing the meeting?