Why was there such a long break between meetings?

On December 4, 2019, the Plan Commission continued the meeting. In late December, litigation, initiated by the Petitioner, resulted in an extended delay through mid-March when the case was dismissed by a DuPage County Court. Plan Commission hearings were temporarily suspended in late March due to COVID-19. 

The Itasca Plan Commission resumed small scale Public Hearings in July 2020. In August 7, 2020, Haymarket submitted supplemental documents, which required review prior to moving forward. In addition, the Village needed to acquire and implement equipment and technology necessary to facilitate large scale remote public hearings.

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1. What is Haymarket requesting?
2. How long is a Plan Commission Public Hearing?
3. Why was there such a long break between meetings?
4. Will the public hearing be conducted differently because of COVID?
5. Can I still attend the meeting in person?
6. At the meeting in Dec. 2019, Dr. Lustig and Mr. Baldwin were answering questions from the public. Due to time restrictions, I was unable to ask my question. Can I still ask these witnesses a question?
7. Will the public have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments on the case?
8. What is an “Interested Party” and how do I become one?
9. Have future public hearing dates been set?
10. Is the Plan Commission’s decision final?
11. Can I just wait to testify at the Village Board meeting?
12. How can I watch the meeting?
13. What if I have technical difficulties viewing the meeting?