Foreign Fire Insurance Board

Board Members                                              Public Act 095-0807

Anthony Carlini

John Raschke                                                 AN ACT concerning local government.

Jeff Kloptowsky

Dave Brzezicki                                                Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Jenny Bahr                                                     Illinois, represented in the General Assembly:

Brooks Nicewarner


James Burke

                                                                           Section 5. The Illinois Municipal Code

                                                                        amended by changing Sections 11-10-1 and

                                                                        11-10-2 as follows:


                                                                           (65 ILCS 5/11-10-1) (from Ch. 24, par. 11-10-1)

                                                                           Sec. 11-10-1. In each municipality or fire protection

                                                                        District, whether incorporated under a general or

                                                                        special law, which has a fire department established

                                                                        and maintained by municipal or fire protection

                                                                        district ordinances, every corporation, company,

                                                                        and association which is not incorporated under the

                                                                        laws of this state and which is engaged in effecting

                                                                        fire insurance in the municipality or fire protection

                                                                        district, shall pay to the foreign fire insurance board

                                                                        treasurer of the municipality or to the secretary of the

                                                                        fire protection district for the maintenance, use, and

                                                                        benefit of the fire department thereof, a sum not

                                                                        exceeding 2% of the gross receipts received from

                                                                        fire insurance upon property situated within the

                                                                        municipality or district.