Hamilton Lakes SSA

Special Service Area Overview
As part of the Village’s strategies to maintain and improve the infrastructure that make Hamilton Lakes a Class A development, in December 2013 the Village created a Special Service Area (or “SSA”) for certain properties in the Hamilton Lakes development for road improvements.

A Special Service Area is a financing mechanism that can be used to fund a wide range of physical improvements in a defined geographic area within a municipality. This type of district allows local governments to establish such areas without levying a tax on the entire municipality. In short, the SSA allows local governments to tax and deliver services to a limited geographic area within their jurisdiction.

Hamilton Lakes SSA Services
The Hamilton Lakes SSA through a bond issue will provide funding for road improvements to begin in Spring 2014. Road improvements in the Hamilton Lakes SSA include repaving Park Boulevard, Pierce Road, Windsor Drive, and Ketter Drive and related utility, storm water, and sidewalk improvements. These street improvements are outside and separate from the Elgin O’Hare Western Access project by the Illinois Tollway Authority.

DuPage County bills and collects the additional SSA property taxes as part of the regular annual real estate bill (typically paid over 2 installments). Impacted property owners will see separate line item for the Hamilton Lakes SSA on their tax bills from DuPage County. The Village estimates the average tax bill of $2.20 per square foot will increase by about $0.11 per square foot to $2.31 per square foot.

The Hamilton Lakes Special Service Area does not include any residential properties.

Hamilton Lakes SSA Map

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