How the Program Works

Data Collection
A radar unit is loaned out to the community members, free of charge, for a 1 week period. Community members schedule data collection during various days and times they believe speeding to be occurring. The community member is responsible for operating the radar unit and recording the required vehicle information. (Preferably this is done by 2 people in order to obtain accurate information.)

Interpreting Data
Once all data collection is complete, the radar unit is returned to the Itasca Police Department along with all completed forms. The Police Department may take the license numbers of the speeding vehicles and access data from the Secretary of State’s Office. This will be cross-examined with the description of the vehicle description documented by the community leader.

Advising Residents & Patrolling
A letter from the Itasca Police Department may be sent to the registered owner(s) of all matched vehicles. The letter advises the registered owner(s) of the observed violation, as well as encourages the drivers of their vehicle to drive at or below the speed limit when traveling on the neighborhood streets. The Itasca Police Department may also use the collected data to direct special enforcement by Patrol on those streets in need.