Parking & Driveway Regulations

When Is Parking On Streets Not Allowed?
After snowfalls of 2 inches or more, the Village's winter parking ban takes effect and the following rules take effect:
  • No vehicles can be parked on public streets
  • Parking on the street will not resume until all snow removal operations have removed snow from the street
  • If your vehicle is found to be obstructing or preventing snow removal operations, the vehicle may be towed from the public street on order of any Police Officer
Why Does My Driveway Get Plowed in?
The Village snowplows are designed to direct snow to the curb side of the plow blade. These side-delivery plows are the fastest and most efficient means available to remove snowfall from the streets.

As a result, snow is discharged along the length of the curb, the parkways, and the private driveway areas. The Village has hundreds of private driveways, and cleaning these off is the responsibility of the owner.

To ensure that both the streets and your driveway are cleared efficiently, please follow these guidelines:
  • Pile your snow to the right side of the driveway - This will help alleviate the amount of snow that is piled at the end of your driveway after plows pass through
  • Wait till your street has been plowed before clearing your own driveway - This will prevent your own snow piles from being piled back onto your driveway. Manpower and equipment limitations prohibit the Village from removing snow from private driveways
  • Don't discharge your snow into the streets - Village Ordinances prohibit this and this snow may freeze or become compacted, creating a safety hazard for all motorists