When are agendas published?

As required under section  5 ILCS 120/2.02 of Illinois Open Meeting Act, the Village will post all agendas 48 hours prior to a meeting on the Village’s Agenda Center. You can sign up for agenda notifications here

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1. What is the status of this case?
2. What Is Itasca Country Club requesting?
3. Does this mean a Data Center will be built if the Country Club’s request is approved?
4. How long will the Plan Commission Hearing be?
5. Will the public hearing be conducted differently because of COVID?
6. Will the public have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments on the case?
7. What is an “Interested Party” and how do I become one?
8. When is the first meeting scheduled for?
9. When are agendas published?
10. Is the Plan Commission’s decision final?
11. Can I just wait to testify at the Village Board meeting?
12. How can I watch the meeting?
13. What if I have technical difficulties viewing the meeting?