Will AMI cause an increase in my utility bills?

No, water usage is primarily based on water consumption habits. You will, however, notice improved billing as the meters are designed to ensure consistent billing cycles, preventing variations in billing days. Additionally, these new meters will measure customer usage on hourly intervals instead of just once a month. This configuration provides the advantage of immediate alerts for both you and the staff if the enhanced system detects higher-than-normal water usage.

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1. What does AMI stand for?
2. Why Is the Village undertaking this project?
3. How will the new AMI water meter benefit me?
4. Am I required to participate?
5. Will my service be interrupted during the meter replacement?
6. Who will be replacing my meter and how?
7. How much will the meter replacement cost me?
8. Will AMI cause an increase in my utility bills?
9. Does the AMI transmitter run on my home’s electricity?
10. Will the transmitter interfere with televisions or phones?
11. Is my meter data secure?