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Request for Records Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

  1. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
    The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) makes government more transparent to the citizens of Illinois by guaranteeing access to government records in the form in which they are maintained. Generally, the Illinois FOIA provides access to government information while protecting the legitimate interests of government and the privacy rights of citizens.
  2. Request for Records Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act
    Use this form to make an Electronic FOIA (E-FOIA) request. The use of this form is voluntary; an alternate form for submission is by letter. The Village may honor oral requests. If you choose to submit a FOIA request electronically, you must complete the fields marked with an "*". If you do not enter accurate or required information, we may be unable to fulfill your FOIA request.
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  6. Requests for a Commercial Purpose
    Section 2( c-10) of FOIA defines “commercial purpose" as the use of any part of a public record or records, or information derived from public records, in any form for sale, resale, or solicitation or advertisement for sales or services. For purposes of this definition, requests made by news media and nonprofit, scientific, or academic organizations shall not be considered to be made for a "commercial purpose" when the principal purpose of the request is (i) to access and disseminate information concerning news and current or passing events, (ii) for articles of opinion or features of interest to the public, or (iii) for the purpose of academic, scientific, or public research or education.
  7. Please use this to upload any related documents or files pertaining to the request.
  8. After you submit this FOIA request, the Village has five days in which to provide an initial response to the requestor, either granted or denied, or will ask for an extension due to a voluminous request. We try our best here at the Village of Itasca to process these requests with respect and timeliness.
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