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Itasca Country Club - Interested Party Application

  1. Itasca Country Club Zoning Hearings Interested Party Application
  2. 1. What is an Interested Party?
    An “Interested Party” is a party that has an interest which extends beyond that of the general public and is entitled to protections by judicial relief (i.e., the party would have standing to challenge the zoning relief). Interested parties fall into three categories: (1) Any property owner adjacent to the subject property; (2) Any property owner within 250 feet of the subject property; or (3) Any individual or entity who can demonstrate that it will suffer a unique injury or special damages different from the general public. A party’s status as a taxpayer alone is insufficient to qualify as an interested party.
  3. 2. What rights do Interested Parties have?
    Interested Parties have the following due process rights: the right to cross-examine witnesses and the right to present a case (witnesses and evidence) to the Plan Commission.
  4. 3. What obligations do Interested Parties have?
    Interested Parties shall abide by the Plan Commission’s rules and procedures and be subject to disclosure deadlines as set by the Plan Commission in order to fully participate in this process.
  5. 4. How do I apply to be an Interested Party?
    Complete and submit this application by November 13, 2020. Please be aware that this application will be made public and disclosed to all other parties (with phone and email addresses redacted). The Plan Commission will rule on the applications at the start of the commencement or resumption of hearings.
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