Utility Billing

The Village of Itasca is dedicated to providing citizens and community members with reliable, sustainable, and safe drinking water from Lake Michigan. Water first travels through the City of Chicago water system and the DuPage Water Commission (DWC) water system before arriving to your home in Itasca.  

Utility billing is managed by the Village's Finance Department, while maintenance of the Village's water and sewer infrastructure is managed by the Public Works Department.

  1. Billing
  2. How to Pay Your Water Bill
  3. Water & Sewer Rates
  4. Starting or Stopping Service

The Village bills all Itasca water and sewer accounts on a monthly basis. The number of days in each monthly billing cycle may vary by a few days more or less than 30 days depending on when the Village was able to collect a water meter reading. 

Bills are due on the 21st of each month and represent the water consumption of the previous month. For example, a bill with a due date of May 21st, represents water consumed during the month of April.