Electric Aggregation Program


There are two main components to electricity: supply and distribution.

  • The supply of electricity is generated at a power plant, which can come from ComEd or various other companies. 
  • Electricity is then transmitted and distributed to homes and businesses through ComEd's infrastructure and power lines. 

While residents may not choose a different distributor, they have the right to select the supplier. An electricity aggregation program enables municipalities to pool residential and small commercial retail customers for the collective purchase of electricity. If the market is favorable, communities can leverage the buying power of thousands of residents and small businesses to secure lower supply rates or other benefits.


In March 2012, Itasca residents approved an electricity aggregation program through a referendum. Since then, the Village has competitively gone to bid to search for providers under ComEd's rate.

Residents and businesses who do not wish to participate are able to 'opt out' of the program at any time for no charge. 


In June 2021, the Village Board approved an agreement with MC2 for a municipal electric aggregation program after a competitive bidding process. MC2 is an independent seller of power and energy services certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) as an Alternative Retail Electricity Supplier. MC2 was selected as the electric supplier. The agreement with MC2 will end in October 2024.


Residents should be aware that enrollment in the Village’s program never involves home visits or phone calls. If a solicitor claims to be the Village supplier take their information and report the incident to the ICC at www.icc.illinois.gov/complaints.

Exercise caution when approached by individuals offering better electricity deals, as it may lead to costly supplier switches. If solicitors request your ComEd bill, be wary, as there's a possibility of misuse for unauthorized switches. Those interested in choosing an alternative to ComEd are encouraged to visit the Illinois Commerce Commission website at www.pluginillinois.org to learn more about electricity supply and to compare current rates.


ComEd will continue to be responsible for the delivery of service to you, power outages and all emergencies, regardless of your electric supplier. Residential customers should contact ComEd at (800) 334-7661 for assistance with meter readings, outages, voltage or other delivery-related concerns.

If you have questions about the Village's aggregation program, you may email the Village's electric consultant at ahoover@nimec.net or call MC2 customer care line at (888) 423-1398.