Neighboring Community Ordinances

The Village has undertaken a comprehensive survey of commercial vehicle ordinances in neighboring communities. In virtually every instance, commercial vehicles are regulated more strictly. A summary of the commercial vehicle ordinances in the area follows below.

Summary of Ordinances
  • Wood Dale - One commercial vehicle outside of an enclosed garage allowed only in connection with a home-based business
  • Roselle - One commercial vehicle allowed per dwelling unit out-of-doors if less than 252 inches long, 90 inches wide and 96 inches tall. Buses, trailers, tow trucks, semi-tractors, and truck tractors are prohibited
  • Bensenville - Prohibits commercial vehicles weighing more than 4,000 pounds, trailers, tractors, tow trucks, cabs and limos. Limits other commercial vehicles and vans to 1 per residence
  • Addison - No commercial vehicles or contractors equipment may be parked out of door in a residential district other than for loading and unloading, deliveries or service calls
  • Elk Grove Village - Prohibits trailers used to transport vehicles or equipment, construction equipment. Limits non-recreational motorized or tow vehicles to 1 per residential lot