Local Tax Information

As a non-home rule local government, the Village is very restricted in what taxes can be levied and at what level they can be imposed. The list of local taxes and fees below include all currently imposed taxes and their rates, as outlined in the Village's Municipal Code, Chapter 34: Taxation and Revenue

Locally Imposed Taxes

The following is a list of the commonly imposed local taxes in the Village of Itasca. It is not comprehensive and does not include all taxes or fees a person may be required to pay to the county, state, or federal government or other taxing bodies. To see all the taxes administered by the state, please visit the Illinois Tax Rate Finder .

Hotel/Motel Tax:

The Village of Itasca imposes a 5% Hotel-Motel Tax on room rentals for establishments located in Itasca. Revenues from this tax are used to promote tourism in the Village.

Municipal Utility Tax - Electricity:

Pursuant to Section 8-11-2 of the Illinois Municipal Code, a tax is imposed upon the privilege of using or consuming electricity acquired in a purchase at retail and used or consumed within the corporate limits of the Village at the following rates, calculated on a monthly basis for each purchaser: 

Kilowatt Hours Used or Consumed in a Month
Cost / Kilowatt Hour
First 2,000  0.61 cents
Next 48,000      0.40 cents
Next 50,000  0.36 cents
Next 400,000    
0.35 cents
Next 500,000  0.34 cents
Next 2,000,000  0.32 cents
Next 2,000,000  0.315 cents
Next 5,000,000   0.31 cents
Next 10,000,000  0.305 cents
All in excess of 20,000,000 0.30 cents

Municipal Utility Tax - Natural Gas:

A tax that is imposed upon the privilege of using or consuming natural gas acquired in a purchase at retail and used or consumed within the corporate limits of the Village at the rate of five percent (5%) of the gross receipts therefrom.

Places for Eating Tax (Food & Beverage Tax)

The Places For Eating Tax is levied on the gross receipts received for prepared food and beverages sold at retail. The amount of the tax is 1% for all tax collected after October 1, 2011, and is placed on the owners of places for eating, who can pass the tax along to consumers.  

  • All retail businesses are required to submit a completed monthly tax return. Payment must be made to the Village by the 20th of each month for the preceding month. For more information, please review the Village's Food & Beverage FAQ.
  • Information provided to the Village will be handled as confidential as prescribed by current Illinois Department of Revenue guidelines. 

Property Tax:

The Village property tax revenue can change each fiscal year depending on the value of property in the Village and the revenue needs for the operations. The tax rate extended is limited to the lesser of the CPI index from the prior year or 5%, plus the value of new construction. The Village of Lombard receives less than 5% of the total tax bill, meaning that less than $0.05 of every dollar paid in property taxes will go to the Village. To find out the property tax distribution specific to your property, please visit the DuPage County Clerk's website.  Enter either your Property Index Number (PIN#) or your address to see where your tax dollars go.

Telecommunications Tax:

The State of Illinois collects a 6% Telecommunications Tax on behalf of all municipalities in the State of Illinois since January 2003. Please see the Illinois Department of Revenue website for compliance details.