2021 Lead Service Line Project

Project Name: Lead Service Line Replacement Program (LSLR)

Project Start: TBD (January 2022)

Project Completion: TBD

Bid Price: $3,061,548 (subject to vary)

Project Summary

The IEPA has approved the Village for costs associated with replacing lead service lines. The attached exhibit outlines the extents of Phase I and Phase II of the LSLR program. Currently, Phase I has been approved for reimbursement form the IEPA and Phase II is in the process of being approved. The reimbursement will cover costs of replacing lead service lines from the watermain, located near the roadway, to the water meter located within the dwelling. All work including excavations, drywall repairs, flooring repairs and repainting will be covered by the program at no-cost to the homeowner.

The average cost per home to replace a lead service line is $8,000. Participation in the program is voluntary, but we strongly encourage participation to take advantage of the free service. A standard 1” copper service will be installed to replace all existing lead water services. An optional upgrade to a 1.5” service line size will be offered to residents at an additional cost which the property owners must agree to pay.

Project Documents