What if I have technical difficulties viewing the meeting?

Anyone who experiences technical difficulties will have an opportunity to make a technology objection before the Plan Commission makes their final decision.  

Technology objections are any objections to the Plan Commission’s proceedings based solely on the failure to access the hearing due to a failure of technology (i.e., internet failure, inability to log into the meeting, etc.). Within seven (7) calendar days of the meeting at which the proofs (the evidence and testimony) is closed, members of the public must submit in writing to commdev@itasca.com or Village of Itasca, Community Development Department, 550 W. Irving Park Rd., Itasca, IL 60143, explaining in detail any technology objection. The petitioner, any interested party, or the Village may respond to the technology objection by three (3) calendar days before the next Plan Commission meeting. The Plan Commission shall hear any technology objections submitted in the interim at its next meeting and, at that point, either reopen proofs or move to a final recommendation to the Village Board.

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